How To Secure Business Funding With A Less Than Average Credit Score?

Businesses – especially the small ones –see a lot of ups and downs; some of these downs could push credit scores into the red. Now we all know that a bad credit score doesn’t necessarily mean the business is not currently reliable or profitable. But bad credit scores take a long time to turn green again, and in the meantime, SME owners end up struggling to get crucial financing for their business operations and growth.

Thankfully, this traditional view of creditworthiness has been successfully challenged by alternative financing companies which have decoupled funding from FICO scores.

So, how can businesses with a bad credit score get funds from alt-fin companies? As one of the leading alt-fin companies in America, we tell you exactly what needs to be done!

Apply Online – Step one is to visit our website and fill out the online application. With this necessary information, we start processing your application, and our team will get in touch with you to take you through the details of your case.

Send Documentation – You will need to upload or send across some documentation. This is pretty basic and the approval process is not based solely on credit score, but takes into consideration a holistic approach towards your current business revenue.

Negotiations and Approval – Depending on the amount of cash your business needs and the health of your business, we will offer you industry-best rates and repayment terms. We are flexible with our funding offers and do our best to accommodate your interests and challenges. Once the terms are finalized, your application moves on to the next stage.

Transferring the Money – With the agreement completed and signed, we transfer the cash into your business bank account.

The process couldn’t be more straightforward! Alternative financing companies like ours have taken the sting out of the funding process; what used to be a long and sometimes fruitless effort is now made fast, fair and flexible. No long waits, no excessive paperwork, and most importantly, no rejections – we work hard to make sure you and your business have the money you need to keep working and keep growing.

At Crest Hill Capital, we are focused on serving the financial needs of the small business community of America by giving them fair and open access to money as and when they need it! Now you know who to call if you need funding for your business.

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