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Liquor Store Business Financing

Liquor Store Financing

We recognize that liquor stores are great business models; they are virtually recession-proof and turn consistent profits. However, like any other business, liquor stores sometimes face a liquidity crunch too. What happens when things get tough and the cash dries up? Do the banks step in to help? Well, No! In fact, most liquor store business don’t even go to the banks for help. They come to us!

We provide various types of funding for a liquor business each designed to help them through a unique capital crunch – for example, liquor store purchase financing to tide over a short-term cash flow gap such as for buying equipment or making payroll or liquor store business financing for store expansion or renovations.

Here’s a look at the various types of liquor store financing small business owners can access at Crest Hill Capital –

1. Merchant cash advance – This works as an advance against future earnings where a percentage of your daily credit card sales goes towards repaying the merchant cash advance.

2. Unsecured cash advance – This is similar to a merchant cash advance except that daily payments are based on previous day’s deposits.

3. Unsecured business cash advance – This type of liquor store financing works like a standard cash advance solution where you have fixed daily payments.

4. Factoring – This is a great option if you are a wholesaler looking to finance your liquor store. We approve an advance based on your invoiced sales, and the repayment terms are 30 to 60 days.

5. Asset-based lending – Easiest to access, these are cash advances against collateral.

We know that businesses often need help quickly, and banks sometimes fail to step up. We at Crest Hill Capital are committed to bridging this gap to help you grow your business.

Wondering how much cash advance you could be eligible for? Call us to find out at 800-828-0452