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Trucking Company Funding

Trucking Business Financing

The trucking business is very capital intensive and seasonal. Cash and profits come in spurts, but the expenses remain constant. Fleet owners have to contend with a plethora of costs – from tolls and driver salaries to continuously rising maintenance and insurance costs. It’s no surprise that most need a dose of cash during the lean months to keep things afloat. As most trucking companies can’t get any help from banks tied down with stringent regulations, they turn to alternative lending companies like us.

To help trucking businesses keep rolling we at Crest Hill Capital offer several types of trucking funding for business owners. Small and short term trucking business cash advances can help owners cover their immediate liquidity gaps or expand inventory and fleet size.

To get approved for our trucking business funding, all you need to do is show us your monthly income statements and keep all your vehicles, equipment, and employees fully insured. Once approved, the funding will be processed at the earliest!

We deal with trucking operators regardless of size - whether a fleet of trucks, a freight transport company or a solo trucker, our truck business funding is open to all.

Benefits of Trucking Business Funding

Are you having trouble keeping your wheels on the road? Call our trucking company funding hotline to know your options.