Marketing Strategies For Auto Repair Shops

The lull in business brought about by the pandemic and lockdowns can only be broken by effective marketing. It is important that business plans be revised to include creative marketing strategies so that businesses can pick up the pace again. Auto repair shop financing agencies help auto repair shop owners secure the capital required to implement new and improved business plans. Let us look at a few effective marketing strategies that this money can be used for.

Introduce Early-Bird offers and packages

“Early-Bird” offers are a tried and tested marketing strategy to gain traction when a business is starting up. The same strategy can be implemented with a few tweaks as you open shop post-lockdown. From free diagnostic runs to free merchandise to discounted rates for services like cleaning, oil change, etc., this strategy is sure to lure in customers. You can avail merchant cash advances from online business funding agencies to fund this strategy.

Take the raffle contests to social media

Take raffle contests to social media platforms by securing auto repair shop financing. One follower, who has tagged a friend who isn’t following your social media account in the comment section and shared the news of the contest on their handles should be chosen at random for a free service. This will increase your reach and engagement and spread the word about your shop.

Introduce merchandise to grab new eyes

Merchandise is the key to grabbing the attention of new customers. Auto repair shop merchandise can include T-shirts, keychains, travel mugs, flashlights, etc., all bearing your company logo. This will be a non-verbal advertisement for your company for as long as customers have the merchandise. The capital required to put this plan in motion can be easily acquired through online business funding agencies.

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