Three Small Businesses That Expanded During The Last 6 Months & The Reasons For Their Success

No business was left untouched by the Covid-19 pandemic this year. For most SME owners, the impact was overwhelming, but at the same time there were some business models that prospered from the changed economic, social, and customer landscape. We would like to highlight and talk about three of these business models today.

Farm to Table

The pandemic taught us all that when it comes to prioritizing expenses, food will always make it to the top of the list. In fact, all those who can afford it will divert their money to access the best quality, hygienic and most nutritious food items they can buy. This customer behavior led to a massive uptick in fresh food items and healthy eating options, and everyone in the sector saw an unexpected growth spurt.

Cleaning Services

The coronavirus re-taught us the importance of cleanliness and hygiene. The hand-washing and sanitizing routines drummed into our heads led to people paying for a whole host of cleansing related products and services. From bidets to disinfectant spraying services to deep clean consulting to UV ray devices – any business in the realm of cleanliness saw increased business opportunities during the pandemic.

Mask Designing

Masks have become quite a reflection of 2020 and have evolved from being a utility item to a fashion accessory within a span of months. And any fashion designer, boutique owner, or hobbyist that pivoted quickly to manufacture trendy and safe masks made a killing in the market.

Despite being in a sector that saw a constant increase in customers, these businesses didn’t just automatically gain higher margins but had to apply a tactical approach combined with a vision to achieve desired results. Sure they had a natural advantage, but the most successful of the lot demonstrated 3 key traits –


No existing business model was tailored to fit into a pandemic situation, but being able to strategize and adapt to the changes, enabled them to grab opportunities where their peers failed. Every month of the pandemic brought new twists and turns, and being able to make quick and bold decisions is a vital skill for small businesses in 2020 and beyond.

Mental Strength

No one can deny that adding the fear, uncertainty, and isolation of the COVID-19 crisis to the demands of running a business in chaotic times can leave even the strongest of leaders struggling to cope. Hence a calm and resilient mindset is crucial to stay 100% invested in the business.

Raising Capital

Many small businesses saw years of growth in a few weeks! However, opportunities don’t just translate into business; you need to scale quickly, which requires cash. Many SMEs saw sales shooting through the roof overnight, but as inventory ran out, they had a hard time finding dollars to fulfill demand. Existing relationships and open credit options with lenders proved crucial for SMEs to turn opportunities into profits.

We at Crest Hill Capital have been at the frontlines of the Coronavirus disruption – helping businesses get back up on their feet with easy and fast liquidity boosters. From Line of Credit to Merchant Cash Advances to Working Capital Funding – we provide a range of flexible credit options on fair terms and quick turnaround times.

Drop a line below to know more about how we can help your business pivot to fit the new normal.

How A Cash Advance Can Help Meet An Urgent Need

Any business owner or entrepreneur understands the risks and uncertainties of business. Even if you have been running a successful business for a decade, there are changes and upheavals in the economy or in the industry that can impact your revenues. The very nature of an emergency is that it can never be predicted. However, the good news is that you can be prepared and do something about it when it happens. Your best option, when faced with an emergency is to apply for a cash advance for business owners.

How Does It Help?

Unlike the usually long and tedious process of approaching a bank, a merchant cash advance for a small business is quick and simple. All you have to do is approach a business funding company and apply for a cash advance. If you are eligible for one, the lender will approve your application and get the process started. They will connect you with different lenders, and you can decide to choose a financing product based on your business requirements. The entire process happens very quickly, and you can receive funds in your bank in just a few days.

When Can It Be Used?

A cash advance for business owners is useful when you have to fix or repair important machinery or equipment, or you need urgent funds to clear employee payroll. It can also be used to buy additional inventory when you find that you are running low on essential products. With a cash advance, you are free to use the funds in any way you see fit. Therefore, there is a lot of flexibility allowed and you are not restricted in any way.

Why struggle to get out of an emergency when you can apply for a cash advance for a small business right away!

Trucking Business Funding Makes Perfect Business Sense

Are you wondering whether you should apply for trucking company funding? You have probably heard of other companies in the industry that have taken a merchant cash advance to meet expenses. If you need funds quickly and have a poor credit score, then approaching a traditional financial institution may not work in your favor. Alternatively, alternate funding is a great way to keep your business going and growing! Let’s find out how.

Keeps Your Vehicles Moving

Limited cash flow can bring all operations to a grinding halt. However, with trucking business funding, you can pay for maintenance expenses and ensure that your fleet remains functional throughout the year. The extra finance can be used to replace tires and other parts that are worn out.

Trucking business funding

Pays Administrative Expenses

As a trucking business owner, you will be aware of several administrative costs related to certifications, registrations, insurance, etc., that may be required to keep your fleet functioning. When business is slow, it may be difficult to meet these expenses. This is where trucking company funding can make a difference.

Equips Your Staff

Do you need to hire new drivers for your trucks? Does your existing team need to be sent for safety seminars or training courses? Unfortunately, all that requires financing. When you take a merchant cash advance, you are free to use the funds in any way that you see fit. There are no questions asked and no expectations.

Whether you need to buy new vehicles for your fleet or lease out new ones, it helps to get trucking business funding. With a greater number of trucks, you can be prepared for increased business and reap rich dividends. It is always best to plan and prepare for the future, before it sneaks up on you unexpectedly.

Excellent Truck Business Funding Keeps The Wheels Of Commerce Turning

More than half the freight/goods moved around in the United States of America are by trucks, and without their work, food consumption, commerce, and industry would slowly grind to a halt. At present, most of the small and medium trucking companies are finding it harder and harder to compete with tough competition from their bigger rivals.

Some of the expenses that trucking companies have to endure, to keep the business running, is keeping the truck or fleet of trucks in good condition, salaries for the drivers, fuel costs, and scarcity of spare parts. All these recurring expenses bite into their already thin profit margins, resulting in a difficult for these companies to survive. With no help from banks and other financial institutions, many have turned to commercial truck business financing as an alternative to keep their trucks on the road and generate a steady income.

Commercial Truck Business Financing

Some of the major expenses of most commercial truck businesses are the major expense of buying new trucks, keeping the existing ones in good mechanical condition, competent technical staff, and salaries for the drivers. Added expenses like fuel, spare parts, and other incidentals make up the balance of the running costs. The process of using trucking funding for business owners involves getting all the documentation and other financial data ready for the experts in the financial institution to review.

By selecting specialized truck funds, business owners would have the money needed to purchase/manage, and maintain their existing vehicle fleet. While there are many financial companies to choose from checking out the most experienced and best would be prudent to finalize the commercial truck business financing. These funds are available for companies that have a fleet of trucks, or a single truck owner, provided they agree to the terms of the contract and repayment schedule.

Make The Better Choice With Capital Funding Using A Small Business Cash Advance

The sudden need for money can strike all kinds and sizes of businesses, and while big companies have longstanding relationships with banks and other financial institutions, the same cannot be said for small and medium businesses in the USA, who may be struggling with the economic downturn caused by the pandemic.

Fortunately, there are many well-established non-banking financial institutions in the USA, which have come to the rescue of these small businesses by providing them with easy access to funds. This small business cash advance with a bad credit rating is done by pledging future retail credit card sales for a mutually agreed period. The best possible assessment is done by the company’s specialists who may check out the business before approving the funding.

Small Business Cash Advance Bad Credit

There are many ways that capital funding for small business works; in some cases, it is based on average debit and/or credit card sales from which a percentage is deducted on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. Also known as a merchant cash advance or MCA, it requires the business to have been in existence for at least 3 to 4 months, good annual revenue, and a reasonable credit score, though that is not compulsory. Even with a bad credit score rating, an MCA can still be obtained, if the sales figures are appreciably high.

Looking for capital funding for small businesses is something that may be different for individual business owners, but it is prudent to start looking at financing options earlier rather than hurrying at the last minute. Once the negotiations with the non-banking financial institutions are complete and the merchant cash advance is approved, the owner can use them for various reasons, from hiring new staff, adding to the inventory, purchasing more equipment, covering the payroll and rent, or even refinancing old expensive debt.

Improve Retail Establishment Sales With Alternative Financing Solutions

It is no secret that the phenomenal rise of online shopping has hurt the retail stores tremendously, as more and more people find out the benefits of shopping at home with a laptop or desktop computer.

Retail stores still play a very important part in many people’s lives, as it allows them to physically see what they are buying; this cannot be done with online shopping. Retail stores in the USA as in other parts of the world are fighting back to regain their customers, but this needs money to improve, enlarge, advertise, and promote. Earlier the best option for financing your retail store was through banks and financial institutions, but since the recent economic fallout, they have become very strict about lending to small businesses.

Financing Your Retail Store

Another way that retail stores are competing with their internet competition is to enter the online business, but that takes money and expertise. This is where retail store financing for small businesses makes their mark. They do not require credit checks and other documentation; their experts will go over the business to verify that it is a running concern, and if the report is favorable, the funds will be available within 72 hours.

The only documentation that these companies need for providing your retail store financing is bank statements and credit card sales for the past three months. With the funds at the retail store owner’s disposal, they can use it for expansion, purchasing inventory, payment of overdue bills and taxes, interior decoration, or even getting into online sales. The application process is very simple; just fill in the online form and wait for their representative to visit the store for an assessment, find out where the funds are to be used and maybe make a suggestion or two on how to improve sales.

Why Private Automotive Business Funding Makes Sense In An Economic Crisis

There is a general misconception that automobile showrooms and auto repair shops are doing extremely well. The reasoning is that with almost every household in the United States of America having at least two cars each, the need for buying, servicing, and/or repairing them is quite high.

Unfortunately, in the current economic scenario, with the pandemic showing no signs of subsiding, small and medium businesses are closing down, and this also includes auto repair shops. The main reason for these closures is finance because small and medium businesses need money to run the day-to-day activities, and banks and big financial institutions do not consider them a safe bet. This is where specialist funding companies step in to provide auto repair shop financing quickly and efficiently without any delay.

Automotive Business Funding Online

Getting business funds from a bank or financial institution requires documentation and, in some cases, even collateral, before being sanctioned. However, more often than not, such finances for businesses such as auto repair outlets, auto showrooms, etc., are turned down. There are companies that can provide automotive business funding with set payback terms. The payback terms for merchant cash advances are mutually agreed upon during the negotiation and are from credit card sales on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.

Running an automobile dealership is expensive, because of the cost of the inventory that needs to be displayed in the showroom at all times. The salespersons in these showrooms also need to provide good financing options for their customers to clinch the sale; however, if sales are low, then the resulting hardship will affect not only the owners of the company but also the employees. With a good record of sales, the automotive business funding process provided by many non-banking financial institutions seems a safe bet during these troubled times.

Auto Repair Shop In Need Of Fast Financing? Stop Everything And Apply For A Cash Advance!

Quick auto repair shop financing can be hard to come by through traditional lending sources, especially when you have less than perfect credit score. A merchant cash advance can be an empowering solution as it allows auto repair shop owners and owners of other small businesses to raise cash quickly in exchange for a portion of their future revenues.

Cash Flow Challenges Of Small Businesses

Many small businesses have trouble juggling cash flow with the current and future financing requirements. Sometimes, businesses need cash on hand fast – for instance, an auto repair shop to procure high in demand spares. The struggle is compounded in the case of seasonal businesses or when business owners have imperfect credit scores which make them ineligible for traditional financing via banks and other lending institutions. And then there’s the issue of waiting around for bank funds to come through and the issue of putting up collateral – these challenges can lead to small businesses struggling for mere survival.

Mcas Are Fastest Funding Solutions

Whether you need auto repair shop financing or financing for any other small business, a cash advance is the absolutely fastest funding solution in the market. How fast is fast? If you’re eligible and you agree to the terms of the contract, you can receive an upfront amount in your business bank amount within 2-3 business days, if not on the same day. Merchant cash advance providers have a streamlined process to review applications and approve funding. The online application process is simple enough – you just need to provide proof that your business has been around for six months or more and provide recent business bank statements to prove that you have healthy incoming revenues.

Small Business Cash Advance Bad Credit

Mcas Come With High Approval Rates

Many small business owners with imperfect credit try their luck with banks even though they know their chances of getting approved for a bank advance are low. Obtaining a cash advance for small businesses with bad credit is a more realistic expectation. Cash advance providers make the ability to earn and ability to repay through future receivables their primary condition to approve funding. Moreover, cash advance lenders do not typically ask for collateral – a hugely beneficial feature for small business owners who do not have significant personal assets.

Don’t Waste Time In Crunch Situations

Instead of wasting time exploring possible funding solutions in crunch situations, business owners should immediately consider cash advance for small businesses with bad credit. This will help them receive immediate funding to meet their current needs. This does not mean that cash advances cannot be used to fund future initiatives. Whether it is purchasing additional inventory, or equipment, expanding to a new location, or implementing a marketing campaign, a cash advance can be used for any business-related purpose.

A merchant cash advance is a simple, convenient, and fast way to get the business funding you need – now! To see if you qualify, fill in a simple online application form on the website of a trusted cash advance lending company!

In Need Of Quick Trucking Business Funding? Apply For A Merchant Cash Advance!

If you own or operate a trucking business, you know that the industry is a capital intensive one and you can have a hard time trying to access trucking business funding immediately. Merchant cash advances have emerged as a popular alternative to traditional funding solutions. Read on to learn if a cash advance is the right fit for your trucking company funding needs.

Quick Approval And Funding

There are many situations where trucking companies require fast working capital. However, banks and other traditional lenders consider trucking businesses to be high risk and are reluctant to provide trucking company funding – or they have lengthy, complex processes that fail to meet the immediate requirements of customers. On the other hand, companies that offer cash advances have a fast and hassle-free approval process – once you qualify and agree to the terms of the contract, the advanced amount can be in your account within hours or days instead of weeks.

Approval Based On Incoming Revenue

A cash advance is an attractive trucking company funding solution because cash advances are approved based on the business’s ability to earn and not credit score. Approval rates for cash advances are high and businesses simply need to furnish basic information about their business and revenues for the past few months to apply for a cash advance. A cash advance is a suitable trucking business funding solution for companies that have existed for six months or more and are witnessing healthy revenues. The ability to earn is important because a cash advance is repaid from a portion of future receivables that is to be remitted over time.

Trucking Company Funding
Trucking Company Funding

No Collateral And Flexible Repayments

Banks and other traditional money lenders may require collateral to provide a cash advance. This can put small trucking business owners who do not have significant personal assets in a difficult position. On the other hand, providers of cash advance do not require any collateral – so business owners who do not have personal assets to put up as collateral can also apply for a cash advance that too without any worry of losing their personal assets in case of failure to pay. Another great thing about a cash advance is that business owners have flexibility in repayment – they can pay less when business is slow and remit more when business is booming.

No Restrictions On Use Of Advanced Amount

Cash advance trucking funding for business owners can be used to cover daily expenses such as tolls and fuel costs. It can also be used to cover payroll in the lean season or hire additional drivers in peak season. Besides, a business that wants to grow will want to expand the fleet and ensure regular maintenance of its vehicles. The beauty of a cash advance is that there is no restriction on usage and business owners can use the advanced amount for any business-related purpose. Moreover, cash advance companies welcome funding requests of all sizes – from a few hundred dollars to thousands of dollars.

If you’re ready to give merchant cash advances a shot – just visit the website of a reputed cash advance provider and fill in a simple online application form!

Want Fast And Easy Business Funding? Apply Online For A Merchant Cash Advance!

From buying the latest trendy clothes online to getting easy business funding online, the internet has definitely made our lives easier. Yes, online merchant cash advance providers are making it easier for businesses that banks and other traditional money lenders consider risky to access financing. Here are some advantages of considering online providers of merchant cash advances.

Submit Application in Few Minutes

Applying for online business funding is as easy as it gets. Unlike when you’re applying for an advance from a bank, you don’t have to submit a hard application for a merchant cash advance. All you have to do is find a trustworthy company offering MCAs, fill in the information required for the online application form, and hit the submit button. The details you need to provide are very basic – for example, your industry, how long you’ve been in business, total average monthly revenue, average monthly credit card processing volume, how much financing you want and when you want it.

Online Business Funding

Benefit From High Approval Rates

A merchant cash advance is an excellent solution for online small business funding. Small business owners typically have a tough time securing an advance from a bank or any other traditional money lending institution. A bad credit score, inability to provide collateral, and lengthy, complex processing can make it impossible for small business owners to the funds they require when they need it the most. Merchant cash advance companies do not give major importance to credit score and do not ask for collateral – two important factors that work in the favor of small business owners.

Get Upfront Cash in 2-3 Days

Online merchant cash advance providers ensure an easy business funding process. As soon as you submit an application form, the merchant cash provider will look to see if you qualify for a cash advance. MCA companies focus on the business’s incoming revenues and ability to repay the advanced amount from future receivables. If you qualify, the company will send you an offer for you to review and if you agree to the terms of the contracts, funds are wired to your business bank account within days and sometimes within hours.

Repay From Future Receivables

In exchange for the cash advance, businesses commit to repaying a portion of future receivables over time till the advanced amount and applicable fees are paid off completely. This arrangement allows business owners to remit more or remit less depending on sales volumes. Business owners can repay more when sales volumes are more or pay less when sales volumes are low – this is a game-changing online small business funding solution that seasonal businesses can take advantage of. Moreover, business owners are free to use the advanced amount for any business-related purpose.

If you are looking for swift and easy business funding, do consider applying for a merchant cash advance online. Another advantage of the online business funding model is that you can research from the comfort of your home or office to find a reliable company providing competitive offers and flexible terms. Get the ball rolling and access the funding you need to run and grow your business!